Friday, July 20, 2012

Still at work

Long time, no post as usual! I'm still at work, but currently my focus has shifted to the pursuit of classical drawing techniques. I was able to grab an old photo copy from a Bargue plate, but I certainly would like to aspire to purchasing the Bargue Drawing Course. I'm also trying to create my own palate for producing skin tones. I think I may have to completely re-invent my approach and purchase some pencils that aren't *gasp* included in Ann Kullberg's palette.

I've also been doing a fair amount of sketching, but I am discovering that even sketchbooks ought to be made of high-quality materials. i picked up an inexpensive sketch pad and now the sketches of the past few months of which I was so proud are badly smeared. I have sketches in other, higher-quality sketch pads that are unchanged after nearly ten years of continual wear!

I suppose an artist is only as good as their materials allow at times. As I grow in technical prowess, to God be the Glory! I'm Out.

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