Monday, June 4, 2012

Completed Art for the Month of May

Welcome back! I have been working like mad of late on a number of things. I graduated from Liberty University last month with a Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies. My concentrations were Christian Counseling and Fine Arts, o'course. I also managed to meet an important member or a nearby art association and I am making plans for the November 2012 juried art show. Pretty big talk for someone who has only just completed her first official colored pencil drawing! It's on Stonehenge paper and I am one happy camper. This piece is my new profile picture!
In other news, I spent a few hours trying to wrestle with PhotoShop this weekend at another artists' home. I tell you, it's less trouble to develop solid sketching skills! I got my hands on a copy of Sketchbook Confidential Two, briefly and it has certainly renewed my belief on using good old fashion talent, not gimmicky tools, to lay out your work. If you can use PhotoShop well and it enhances your artwork, more power to you. Coming soon, I hope to review the new book I got as a graduation present: "Masterful Color", by Arlene Steinberg.
To God Be the Glory! I'm out.

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