Thursday, April 5, 2012

Other creative horizons

"Long time no blog," you say? That's because I have been pouring my God-given creativity into more 3-dimensional creative venues. No I haven't taken up sculpting, but homesteading! Since my last post I've re-built a goat fence, built (and this morning extended) a chicken yard, dug up 2 ancient herb bed,s replanted a Rosemary bush that is probably older than some of my children, started a new garden bed from scratch and started tending small livestock! And you thought i was just lazing around! :)

I've also started the switch to a low-garbage production and whole foods lifestyle for my family. I've started looking into the "Buy Local" mindset and I can't wait to make my first Farmer's Market purchase later this week!

In art news, I've made a video on how to render a "Skin Tone Bar" but that will have to wait until another time to be posted, since I've also taken up baking all of our bread, pancakes and noodles from scratch! Quite the busy little bee I've been! For my many endeavors, To God Be the Glory! I'm out!