Friday, March 2, 2012

Hectic day Sakura sketch

Facing what will probably be a hectic day, I decided to get in a quick sketch before the kids get their wits about them. I used my trusty (though very old) Sakura Pigment Brush to sketch a model from a relaxer ad. Relaxed hair has a horrible tendency to look like a blob, so I think I gave it a little life.

I'd like to play with this image again when I have more than 20 minutes. Learning from yesterday's mistakes, I'm loading up my sketch kit this morning before I hit the road. Teeny tiny pieces of paper make people think you're writing a note to yourself or a grocery list, not sketching unsuspecting by-standers!

May my day and yours bring s smile to the One who planned all of our days long before BlackBerrys existed! I'm out!

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